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93ci Black Panhead Engine

93ci Black Panhead Engine
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All Engines Blueprinted, Balanced, & Assembled by Motorway Engineering

Every Motor is Started, Carb Adjusted, Head & Base Bolts Retorqued.
This Motor is Ready to Bolt Into Your Frame And Will Start Instantly, Kick or Electric.


  1. Generator/Alternator Style
  2. 1981-Up Style Oil System
  3. 1991-Up Style Pinion Bearing
  4. 1970-Up Style Timken Bearing/Sprocket Shaft Spacer
  5. Big Bore Cylinder Spigots
  6. Case Halves Dowel Pined For Accuracy
  7. 5.405” Deck Height
  8. Made In USA


  1. 4-1/2 Stroke
  2. Forged Steel
  3. 5pc Flywheel
  4. Rebuildable
  5. Same weight as stock flywheel, less vibration.
  6. Forged Steel Heavy Duty Rods, 7.440 Rod Length
  7. Fully Pressurized Big End Oiling System


  1. Cast From Closed Grain Nodular Iron
  2. 3-5/8” Big Bore
  3. Extra Thick Base Flange
  4. 12pt Grade 9 Chrome Base Nuts
  5. Keith Black 8.5:1 CR Pistons (80 CC Dome )
  6. Hastings Ring Pack
  7. Seal Methods Head & Base Gaskets
  8. High Gloss Black Powder Coated Cylinders
  9. 5.405” Cylinder Length

Cylinder Heads

  1. S.T.D. High Performance
  2. Shovel Head Style Port Layout
  3. Ported Intake & Exhaust Ports
  4. 3 Angle Serdi Valve Seats
  5. Manley Valve Guides, Honed To Size
  6. 320 CFM Intake Port
  7. 250 CFM Exhaust Port
  8. 108 cc Combustion Chamber
  9. Dual Spark Plug Heads
  10. Compression Releases

Cam Chest

  1. Vulcanworks Billet Cam Cover
  2. Vulcanworks Breather Baffle
  3. Jims Machine Pinion Gear
  4. Vulcanworks Distributor Drive Gear
  5. Vulcanworks Dist. Gear Shaft
  6. Vulcanworks Steel Breather Gear
  7. Seal Methods Cam Cover Gasket


Valve Train

  1. Vulcanworks EVO Style Hydraulic Lifters
    We manufacture are own lifters and billet lifter blocks. Lifter blocks have the correct pushrod seat angles and lifter geometry. Tappets are heat treated and fully ground. They have the correct diameter lifter roller so any cam designed for a pan or shovel will work.
  2. Vulcanworks Billet Aluminum Tappet Blocks
  3. Vulcanworks Chromemoly Pushrods
  4. Colony Pushrod Tubes
  5. Andrews Special Grind Camshaft, .485 Lift
  6. OEM Style Rocker Arms, Blueprinted
  7. Vulcanworks Billet Aluminium Valve Covers
  8. Grade ‘8’, 12 Point Rocker Arm Block Bolts
  9. Manley 2.00” Hard Chromed Intake Valves
  10. Manley 1.750” Hard Chromed Exhaust Valves
  11. Manley Double Wound Valve Springs
  12. Manley Heat Treated Valve Keepers
  13. N.O.K. Viton Valve Seals


  1. Vulcanworks Billet Aluminum Distributor
  • Heat Treated Auto Advance
  • Single Or Dual Fire
  • Uses 3 or 5 Ohm Coils

2. Champion Spark Plugs # RN14Y

Oil Pump

  1. Vulcanworks, Billet aluminum, 1981-1991 Style
  2. We replaced our standard billet oil pump with our Hi-Volume Billet Pump. This pump has oversized return gears for increased crankcase scavenge. This helps to eliminate oil misting and blow-by at the crankcase breather port. We changed our feed and return gears to 9 tooth from the conventional 14 tooth, This increases low RPM pressure & volume for quieter lifter operation and promotes a cooler running motor.

Fuel System

  1. S&S Super ‘E’
  2. Band Style Intake
  3. S&S Air Cleaner Assembly

Included with each motor

  1. Billet Oil Filter Adapter
  2. Oil Filter
  3. Stainless Steel Braided Rocker Feed Oil lines
  4. Billet Aluminum Oil Line/Oil Gage Adapter
  5. Oil Pressure Gage
  6. Black Billet Top Motor Mount
  7. Black Gothic Spike Coil Bracket, With a Pair Of 3 Ohm
  8. Coils, Ignition Switch, Starter Switch
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