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Champion Copper Plus Spark Plug (404) RN12YC Pair

Champion Copper Plus Spark Plug (404) RN12YC Pair
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For STD and S&S Panheads and Shovelheads.
Also Late Model OEM Shovelheads
14mm Long Reach
This is for a pair(2) of plugs.

  • Durable: Champion copper plus spark plugs are built to ISO and SAE standards for proven performance; Champion's patented SAC-9 semi-conductor resistor provides maximum EMI and RFI suppression
  • Champion copper plus spark plugs use TinTac and Ultraseal Shells, this eliminates the need for the use of anti-seize compound during installation by providing the best corrosion protection of any spark plug in the industry
  • The Champion copper plus spark plug features a copper core electrode that provides increased conductivity and heat control while delivering good overall wear characteristics
  • Provides longer life; Copper core center electrode allows for accurate control of the plug's heat range, optimizing the plug's performance and adding to the longevity of the spark plug

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